Parents’ Voice:


We expect parents to make every effort to get their children to school by 9am. It is a legal requirement for us to take the register to keep a record of the attendance of each child.  Classroom doors are shut at 9am. Children arriving after the doors have been shut are asked to come in through the school Office.

If your child is unable to attend school, please call 730719 and leave a message on the absence line before 8.30am; alternatively, e-mail the school on Please give the reason for the absence.  If we have not been informed of the reason for absence by 9am your child’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

Please inform the office if your child has a medical appointment during school hours.  We ask for appointment cards/letters to corroborate the absence and ask parents to make non-urgent medical appointments and dental check-up appointments after school or in the holidays.

HOLIDAYS IN TERM TIME -. Schools are directed to only consider authorising an absence in term time for ‘exceptional circumstances’.  The Department for Education guidance states that ‘exceptional circumstances’ do not include the following:

  1. The availability of cheap holidays;
  2. An absence or holiday paid for, or booked, by someone else;
  3. An overlap with beginning/end of term;
  4. A mix-up in term dates

 If you still wish to take your child out of school during term time, please fill in a Withdrawal From Learning Application, available from the Office.