Parents’ Voice:

REAL Projects

 REAL Projects at Pashley Down

At Pashley Down we teach REAL Projects. This is an innovative and immersive approach based on projects that are REAL.

R – Rigorous

E – Engaging

A – Authentic

L – Learning

Projects can be linked to history, science, geography, The Arts, current affairs … The list is endless!

As Educators we have always known that children learn most when they are excited, having fun and being challenged by their learning. This REAL project approach allows children at Pashley Down to learn meaningfully while incorporating the 2014 National Curriculum Requirements. In each of the year groups the approach is the same.

  • Entry Event – This is the start of the project – something that the children will discover, find out or see what will capture the children’s imagination.
  • Essential Question – Children will be asked to find out what question they will need to solve.
  • Project Design – The teachers will design lessons which will engage the children and promote high level of learning which is meaningful.
  • Critique – Children will become critically engaged and be motivated in helping others improve their work and be motivated to critique and improve their own.
  • End Outcome – This will serve a purpose. It may be as simple as an exhibition of high quality pupil work or it may be as extensive as to put on a fashion show or develop a new permanent area for the school.

At Pashley we are proud of our curriculum and ensure it changes with the times and the cohorts of children that run through our wonderful school.

We want children to be fully immersed and part of their learning and remember their quality time at Pashley.

                                         Learning at Pashley is an Amazing Adventure!