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General comments

“Pashley’s mix of nature and creativity is incredible. The entire staff bring so much passion, patience and understanding into the school events every single day.”

“Pashley is just as nurturing , magical and creative as it was when I was here 28 years ago!”

“Such a warm friendly school. Everyone is welcoming and seem to already know so much about each individual child.”

“I couldn’t recommend Pashley enough. It is a wonderful, nurturing and creative environment that brings the best out in the kids. The staff really go above and beyond to ensure the children have the most enriching experience possible.”

“All individual needs are met and me as a parent feel comfortable. My child is happy at the end of the day coming home with a smile.”

“It is a very nurturing school – you can feel the love everyday.”


I just wanted to get in touch with you to express our pleasure in encountering an entire year group of Pashley Downers on the Downs near the dewpond this morning! We have a bouncy 2 year old lab, who would have raced happily through the crocodile of children, so we put her on her lead and waited beside the path as they all passed by. We were impressed by the excellent behaviour of the children and the happy atmosphere. Teachers and helpers acknowledged us and thanked us as they went by, which we appreciated. 
We have a particular soft spot for Pashley Down and still sing the Pashley Down song, adapted! Our daughter, now 29, was a pupil when Veronica Clark was the Head. It was a wonderful school then and is clearly as wonderful as ever! I read the parents’ comments on your website! We have particularly fond memories of Lucy’s Rabbits teacher, Mrs Gibbs, and her Robins teacher, Mrs Hick. If you are in touch with former staff, do pass on our thanks and good wishes. Lucy was given an excellent start and ended up at Oxford University. She is now a diplomat working in India. 
Please tell the children that our dog Honey sends greetings to your Pashley pup Honey, and that she enjoyed seeing such a long line of good and happy children. She hopes they enjoyed their walk as much as she enjoyed hers. 
With best wishes
Cherry and Sam Gray and Honey Dog”


“I have transferred my son to Pashley from a different school where he couldn’t really settle in . The amount of support both us and him received from all the staff at Pashley has been surreal. Pashley School teachers and members of staff stood out from the very beginning . They have put an amazing effort to help my son and us. In such a short time my son embraced their Values and ended up loving school so much that he is always looking forward to go . Thank you to all staff for everything you do! For your passion and dedication you show to your pupils , for being kind and open and treating each child individually respecting their needs. I will be forever grateful to all of you.”

“On several occasions I have observed Mrs Souto and Mrs Browning supporting children who were struggling with attending school at drop off time. They both demonstrated really child centred approaches and gave the children time and encouragement and remained completely calm despite some presenting challenges. I felt the children were in really skilled hands and would have significantly benefited from their respective interventions.”

“I am J’s grandmother, living abroad. I thank you all for providing the “best school ever” for my precious granddaughter. At your school she has grown to be the fantastic young person who has learnt a lot and kept the openness, the will to learn that I hope will stay with her for the rest of her life. I definitely have profited from the school Facebook site. If it wasn’t for that I would not have been able to follow Josephine and her friends as I have now been able to. My husband and I have had opportunity to visit the school twice and we agree with J: IT WAS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER ! I wish you all the best in the future.”

“Dear Mrs Burton, we were absolutely blown-away by A’s school report. You have been so kind and generous with your praise for him. We are so proud. Thank-you so much for your patience and perseverance in bringing his hand-writing along so much, it has improved no end. He never once said he didn’t want to go to school which is testament to you. Your comments on his report about how we can improve his English, writing and mathematics are really helpful and offered us excellent ideas on how to support him. He has had such a brilliant last year at Pashley and we are so sad that he has to move on but we have every faith he will settle well due to the strong learning foundation and life skills developed at Pashley. Thanks again Mrs Burton- you are worth your weight in gold xx”

“Thank you for Jackson’s school report. It’s always lovely to hear that he’s doing so well in school, both with lessons & with his peers. Hopefully his miss understanding of encouragement for criticism will ease so that he can enjoy it more himself. We will miss Pashley, it’s such a wonderful school, and we’re glad that J has been lucky enough to go there with such great friends, teachers & staff. All of who are very supportive, encouraging & approachable.”

“It was so lovely to read about A’s progress this year and take a moment to celebrate everything she’s achieved. Everyone at Pashley works so hard to create an incredibly rich and nurturing environment and certainly this has been exactly what Alice has needed in order to flourish. She’s obviously not alone; it was amazing to see all the Y2 children thriving during the Bee Spectacular show, so confident and happy, it really was joyous!”

“Thank you for Jackson’s school report. It’s always lovely to hear that he’s doing so well in school, both with lessons & with his peers. Hopefully his anxiety & miss understanding of encouragement for criticism will ease so that he can enjoy it more himself.

We will miss Pashley, it’s such a wonderful school, and we’re glad that Jackson has been lucky enough to go there with such great friends, teachers & staff. All of who are very supportive, encouraging & approachable. 😊👍

“Such a pleasure reading A’s report. Thank you for all the hard work you and the team have put in. He’s clearly the hard working, enthusiastic and kind boy we know and love at school, too. And he’s always inspired by what he learns, that’s absolutely clear. Both R and A have flourished through their years at Pashley and it’s such validation for what we always felt they would get from the school and it’s ethic. We’re extremely grateful.”

“I wanted to thank you for looking after T and for all the support that you provide the children. T  has been a completely different boy from the first day that he returned and it has done a huge amount for his mental health which I was beginning to become concerned about as he was very withdrawn and displaying other unusual behaviors at home. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. It has taken a huge weight off my mind to see him so happy and engaged and it is such strong evidence of what a vital part school plays in the community.”

“Thank you for J’s wonderful report, to say we are proud as punch is an understatement, thank you for believing in him and encouraging his amazing adventure in education, we all have that 1 special teacher that we remember for life and I have a feeling you will be J’s!!”

“Thank you so much for teaching V over the past two years, we have really noticed her growth in confidence. It was a real pleasure to read her report, so thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. She really is now ready for junior school, but I also know that she is going to miss Pashley. In some ways she missed out with the various lockdowns, but we couldn’t have wished for a more brilliant school and set of teachers to help all the children, and parents, through this.”

“What a wonderful report you have written for Stanley. He is truly a special boy who has grown so much over these 3 turbulent years, but the support and encouragement you and the other Pashley teachers have shown we are so grateful for.We are incredibly proud of S’s learning achievements but to hear of his kindness to others is something we will be most proud of. Thank you for all you have done and for being part of S’s journey.”

“A’s school report bought a tear to my eye and Alex said he had a lump in his throat as he read it. A and I read it together and she said it made her heart feel all fuzzy. We are super proud of her reading progress as we have seen the effort and consistency she has put in. We are also delighted she is a well liked class member. We will continue to work with her over the summer with maths and writing and try and increase her ability and confidence in these subjects before she joins Ocklynge. What we are most proud of is the effort you said she makes with everything. There are no complaints from us if she tries her hardest.
Thank you so much for such a positive panda and honesty otter report! And for being such a wonderful teacher, she couldn’t have had better!”

“Thank you for a beautiful report to end L’s time at Pashley. I think you and her have made firm friends and she is going to miss you terribly. Feeling rather emotional about next week and year 2 coming to an end now!!! Thank for everything you have done for her over the last 2 years – the encouragement, the challenge, pushing her to be the very best she can. We are indebted to you for extending her academically and being such an important part of her school journey so far!! “

“Thank you very much for the end of  year report. We read it last night with T together. It is so lovely to read first feedback of your child. It was an amazing start of school years for T. We’re proud of his academic and social achievements throughout this year.  Thank you so much for all your support, kindness and dedication.”

“Thank you so much for E’s lovely report, she really has had the best start to school and it’s so reassuring dropping her off everyday knowing she’s happy and well looked after. I’ve loved how kindness and support for one another is promoted with the children, teachers and parents/carers, thank you. 

“Our favourite part of this year has been seeing how D has developed from an overwhelmed little boy into someone who feels more confident and thriving. It’s wonderful to see his love of reading and writing develop. Thank YOU so much for all your patience and understanding with him- we appreciate it so much. He will miss you so much in Year 1!”

“Thank you for the most beautiful report of dear F it truly made me well up. She has loved being in Rabbits class and has so enjoyed having yourself and Mrs Jackson as amazing teachers and mentors. The way she has dealt with this year is phenomenal and the support network of the school has been paramount to how happy and content she is. We will work on the holidays at the summer reading challenge. Thank you for making a mummy so proud and we will miss you ! Enjoy your new beginnings and Frankie will take her many years at school in good knowledge an amazing teacher has set her of on a brilliant path…”

‘We just wanted to say thank you so much for F’s report.  We were absolutely blown away by what a positive  report it is and we’re so proud of F.  Thank you for giving F such a brilliant start to her school career. We have loved seeing how much she’s learned and developed over the year, especially with her reading and writing. You have also made school so much fun, we couldn’t have asked for a better Early Years team for F. “

It was a pleasure reading E’s report last night. We felt so proud! We just wanted to thank you and Mrs Jackson for giving E the best possible start to school. He has enjoyed his first year at Pashley so much. Sounds like we owe the school a fair bit of cardboard and masking tape. It’s been so lovely watching him grow from toddler into this young boy who reads and writes. Thankyou again, we wish you all the best in your new school!”

‘Thanks again for such a lovely report for S! She has come such a long way and it was a real joy seeing her coming to school with so much happiness and eagerness to learn! She has learnt so much in the last year. We are so, so proud of how far she has come with her reading and writing especially! She has also become so much more confident as a person. Being in rabbits she has not only gained the specific knowledge but has also become more mature and made many friends. Thank you for being a fabulous teacher.”

“Thank you so much for M’s wonderful school report, she was so proud of herself when I read it to her. I am so glad she is getting on so well. She loves Pashley and has been so happy in your class. Thank you!”

“Just a big thank you in particular to Miss Fossella who was always available to us whenever we had any questions, she has always been so helpful, kind and knowledgeable, I’m just sad the children get to finish their year with such a great teacher as they should of done but very grateful to have had her for the time they did.”

“That you are all so fantastic and supportive. We feel that our children are part of a lovely, nurturing community. We could not have coped without the ongoing support given to us. You all deserve medals! Make sure you rest and have a good break.”

“Amazing school, fantastic Head, teachers and support. Thank you for keeping us so well informed throughout and doing everything to try and reassure during this time :)”

“You have all been exceptional, thank you. I can not speak highly enough of Miss Brown. Her enthusiasm, positivity, quick response to support requests, knowledge of the curriculum and fun ways to teach it, and her dedication to the children (and seemingly to the school) is amazing. Please thank her for us.”

“Well done! Pashley have a fantastic community and it’s a wonderful school. The staff will have been working round the clock to support the pupils and each other, so I hope they are rightly acknowledged by the governors and in their next inspection.”

“I would like to thank all the staff in the school. Before this all started I wanted to thank Mrs Hutchison for all her hard work with the animals and the vegetables both my boys have been inspired by her and her enthusiasm and knowledge. I also would like to thank Mrs Burton for her communication, sense of humour and her skills as a teacher as T has thrived in her care.”

“We are so grateful that Amber attends such a special school. The regular emails from Mrs Godding kept us feeling supported and informed, and the videos Mrs Thomas provided were so helpful and brilliant to keep A feeling connected to Rabbits class. Great job guys! Enjoy the holidays, you definitely deserve them!”

“I think the whole staff team have been amazing! The events, challenges by all staff and daily work set and daily feedback from Mrs Burton has kept us well connected. J loved receiving the awards postcards! I really feel Pashley went the extra mile to maintain contact and support to its pupils and parents. Imaginative, creative and engaging during a difficult time for staff too. It’s a great big thank you from us!! X”

“Thank you! It seems such a simple thing to say but I feel so blessed that my son attends so a wonderful school with such a caring ethos. The staff all go above and beyond and my expectations have been surpassed.”

“Thank you for all support. I know other schools wasn’t supportive like Pashley Down Infant School. So, big thank you from all my heart. Thank you for books, tasks, challenges, drawing lessons etc. We are really appreciate all the effort to continue our children education no matter what. Thank you from all our family xx”

“As parents we feel the school have been incredibly professional and supportive in every way. We would like to thank all of the staff members for still including us and engaging so much with our children whilst they have been carrying out their home learning.”

“Thank you all for your continued support and organisation of work. The little extras like birthday cards and reward stickers etc. It really made L feel still part of school and encourage her to work at home.”

“Thank you all so much for your efforts and positive support throughout this difficult time. The Pashley community has thrived at a time when it could really have suffered. Well done everyone!”

“I am hugely grateful for the time and efforts of all the staff at Pashley. We have felt supported throughout and reassured about all the measures that have been put in place. Violet really benefitted from some time back in school and we are so fortunate that she was able to do this. The staff at Pashley have gone to great lengths to make everyone feel supported, included and very much a part of the community.”

“You have all been incredible. Have gone above and beyond expectations and supported us beyond what I would deem is a schools role, making us a stronger community and no only caring for our children’s educational needs but their general well being also”

“I want you to know how fantastically impressed we have been by you and the Pashley family throughout this unprecedented time and how much all your hard work and dedicated communication has been appreciated. I wish I could say the same about the people in charge of the country!”

“We do appreciate all that you’re doing as a school, both while we’ve been there & for home schooling, all the time & effort that you are putting in. The schedules & info sent for each day are brilliant, & very helpful.”

“I just want to convey our thanks for everything the wonderful staff at Pashley have done to not only keep the children safe, but also make the Christmas period special. My son R is still telling us about Santa being on the roof and the reindeer needing carrots.”

“We are bowled over by the fantastic ethos and approach of your school and your amazingly skilled and dedicated staff. He has absolutely thrived in Pashley Downs’ nurturing environment, he loves learning new skills and is so proud of his achievements and we have noticed great leaps in his development in many areas since he started school. We are as keen to get him back to school as he will be to get back there too.”

“Thank you again for your support and I really do appreciate how well Pashley has handled everything with calmness and compassion.”

“Dear Mrs Godding, as our grandson M has just completed his first year at Pashley my husband and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the hard work you have all put into making M’s first experience of school extremely enjoyable. It has been wonderful watching him flourish under the school’s tender care. We only wish that we too could have had the same experience when we started school. “

“Thanks to Pashley and the wonderful things it does and to the amazing teachers who deliver its message with such joy and enthusiasm for learning. I am in awe of you all and the incredible things you do and I am under no illusions as to how much hard work and commitment it takes to do it! “

“Lovely report! Made us laugh and cry (in a happy way). Thank you for your hard work, Pashley!  We are very proud of how well R has got on this year. “

“Can’t thank you enough! So proud of L – as a school you have brought out the best in her.”

“Thank you for making G’s first school year – a happy and fruitful one! He feels he has learned so much and made friends too!” 

“D’s report was such a joy to read. He has come very far and very proud of him. He continues to learn more and more. Well done D!”

“Thank you very much for being such an amazing teacher, it so reflects in this report the effort and time you have put into M this  year past year.” 

“I like my school report and I was proud to do well in my first year. I had so much fun especially the farm trip, pond dipping and the adventure playground. I will miss my favourite teacher.” 

“We are absolutely delighted with our child’s progress this year! He started as an anxious boy who is now much more confident. His reading, writing, numbers, art work are all excellent considering he has only been at school for one year- a real testament to your hard work and dedication as much as his own. Thank you!”

“Dear Pashley, you have gone above and beyond looking out for my son and supporting him through his wobbly moments! I have appreciated it all and always felt very happy about him going into school.”

“My daughter has been extremely happy in Pashley and you have provided strong basis for her future schooling. We were thrilled to read her report we have been to observe at first hand her development over the course of the year.” 

“Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all you have done to help out daughter have a happy and friendly years at Pashley. 

“As we are coming near to the end of B’s first year at Pashley. We Just wanted to say how happy we are with B attending Pashley. We were both massively anxious about B starting school however Miss Brown was so reassuring and so attentive to B’s needs. Sadly we lost an extremely close member of our family earlier this year and Miss Brown really helped B through this and we can’t thank her enough for that. B is always very excited to go to school and we love hearing about the new role play Miss Brown has made, the cuddles she gives him and watching him role play the way “Miss Brown” teaches. She is a credit to the school and has honestly exceeded all our expectations. We feel she puts 110 percent into everything she does. As sad as we are about Bobby coming to the end of his time with Miss Brown we look forward to his next adventure at Pashley. Thank you for all the time you all put in to ensure there learning Day is fun.”

“My daughter loved learning at Pashley and her enthusiasm is sure to continue. Thanks to everyone who contributed to her time in Pashley.”

“The progress which my son made this year is absolutely outstanding, we are very proud of him. We would like to thank all the teaching staff for the effort they have put into making reception a fabulous experience for him.”

” My son is very happy at school, he loves everything about it. He had a fantastic year, we can not thank his teacher enough for encouraging him and making him want to to go to school. Pashley is an amazing school and we are astonished by the passion and dedication you all show.”

Workshops for Parents

“Understanding the ‘conceptual’ concept.”

“Good explanation of mastery curriculum.”

“Easy way learning with children at home and I’m learning math all over again. “

“Great learning how the kids learn.”

“Lovely resources. Well explained. Interactive.”

“Very helpful to know how to teach her at home.”

“Super clear presentation. I loved the growth mindset part and model lesson.” 

“Fantastic! Learnt a lot, take away bag and games are brilliant. Nice to see children too, enjoyed sharing a lesson.”

“Gave me more confidence to go forward and support my son’s education.”

“All three meetings were excellent – really informative, relaxed and helpful.”

“Engaging and involving parents, rather than just being a formal talk! “

“All informative. Very interesting to see how things have changed.”

“Was nice to have had the reassurance in first sessions that children were ok. Nice for us to feel supported in supporting them to learn. Great timing – thank you.”

“Visual aids on the table to follow. Not overloading of information, short to the point segments.”

“All three sessions were really useful, informative, practical.”

“Phonics introduction was very helpful / interesting, having never used in before. Particularly alphabet!”

“Overall I feel the workshops worked well. Having the most important subjects broken down and explained was really good.”

“I thought the phonics session was very useful as it’s so different to how we were thought. Good to know the new methods / techniques.”

“Made to feel welcome and very positive feel to learning.”

“Good tips in all areas for what we can do at home to to help support what doing at school.”

“Very helpful to find out the YouTube websites that offered the learning routines for phonics. My child loved going through actions with us.”