Parents’ Voice:

School Meals

Our school meals are provided by Harrison Catering and are prepared and cooked on the premises. Each day there is a choice of a main meal, vegetarian option or pasta/jacket potato plus a choice of dessert.

Children may of course prefer to bring a packed lunch instead of having a school dinner and these should be sent into school in named plastic boxes. We ask children to eat their sandwiches and savoury food first and to save the sweet food until last. We encourage them to eat the food you have packed, but we never force them to eat what they do not want.

Great News!

All infant school pupils are eligible for a free lunch, however, if you are in receipt of certain state benefits, there is even better news.

Receipt of some state benefits entitles parents to claim extra school support for their children. Our school office staff can provide you with a list of which benefits are eligible.  The office staff are also happy to help you to complete the form required to claim this assistance.  The funding we receive from this application will ensure that Pashley will be able to provide different sorts of learning opportunities for your child.

By making this application as soon as possible, you can also:

  • claim a free individual school photo of your child
  • receive funding for your child’s annual class visit
  • receive a free school sunhat

If you think you may be eligible please call into the school office as soon as possible and help us to help your child.