News Update:

Year 1


Badgers class is taught by Mrs Thomas and job shares with Mrs Martin, the class is supported by Ms Popple this year.

Mrs Thomas works in Year 1 and can often be heard in the corridors singing or laughing as she works! She has two children of her own who used to go to Pashley a long time ago! She also has Luna – one of our Pashley Distancing Dogs – to keep her busy. Luna is a Sprocker with a very special nose. She can hunt for truffles and knows how to find all the treats at home! Mrs Thomas also loves to snuggle up every night with a good book. She loves Harry Potter and will often be found using her magic wand in handwriting lessons.

Class fact:

My class love reading and their favourite time of day is story time.


Mr MacInnes teaches the Foxes class this year, he is supported by Ms Bright.

Mr MacInnes works in Year 1 and is a wonderful and caring teacher who loves all animals, especially birds. He really enjoys taking the children up into the woods or out on the allotment to explore the nature around us at Pashley. His excellent knowledge and passion shines through and inspires the children. He really enjoys football (watching Brighton – my playing days are long behind me!), and he also loves travelling to find exciting and unusual corners of the world. He once went out to teach in Bhutan and even took his friend ‘Joe Crow!’

Class Fact:

“My Foxes class are super-duper mathematicians and love a challenge. We also have a pet crow in our class called Joe who needs a lot of teaching. Fortunately, the Foxes are pretty good at doing that!”


Moles class is taught by Ms Cox and supported by Mrs Rogers. The class overlooks the woodlands and the back entrance opens to our amazing Pashley Farm.

Ms Cox teaches in Year 1 but is also Mum to three gorgeous children and a naughty house rabbit called Alfie. Her children love football and so does Ms Cox – so much that she even plays in a local woman’s football team. She is also a talented musician and plays the flute and piccolo.

Class fact:

We have a class puppet called Spog who likes to move things around in our room and make a mess-he’s quite cheeky!