Parents’ Voice:


General comments

“Dear Mrs Godding, as our grandson Monty has just completed his first year at Pashley my husband and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the hard work you have all put into making Monty’s first experience of school extremely enjoyable. It has been wonderful watching him flourish under the school’s tender care. We only wish that we too could have had the same experience when we started school. “

“Thanks to Pashley and the wonderful things it does and to the amazing teachers who deliver its message with such joy and enthusiasm for learning. I am in awe of you all and the incredible things you do and I am under no illusions as to how much hard work and commitment it takes to do it! ”

“Lovely report! Made us laugh and cry (in a happy way). Thank you for your hard work, Pashley!  We are very proud of how well our son has got on this year. “

“Can’t thank you enough! So proud of L – as a school you have brought out the best in her.”

“Thank you for making G’s first school year – a happy and fruitful one! He feels he has learned so much and made friends too!” 

“D’s report was such a joy to read. He has come very far and very proud of him. He continues to learn more and more.”

“Thank you very much for being such an amazing teacher, it so reflects in this report the effort and time you have put into M this  year past year.” 

“I like my school report and I was proud to do well in my first year. I had so much fun especially the farm trip, pond dipping and the adventure playground. I will miss my favourite teacher.” 

“We are absolutely delighted with our child’s progress this year! He started as an anxious boy who is now much more confident. His reading, writing, numbers, art work are all excellent considering he has only been at school for one year- a real testament to your hard work and dedication as much as his own. Thank you!”

“Dear Pashley, you have gone above and beyond looking out for my son and supporting him through his wobbly moments! I have appreciated it all and always felt very happy about him going into school.”

“My daughter has been extremely happy in Pashley and you have provided strong basis for her future schooling. We were thrilled to read her report we have been to observe at first hand her development over the course of the year.” 

“Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all you have done to help out daughter have a happy and friendly years at Pashley.” 

“As we are coming near to the end of B’s first year at Pashley. We Just wanted to say how happy we are with B attending Pashley. We were both massively anxious about B starting school however Miss Brown was so reassuring and so attentive to Bs needs. Sadly we lost an extremely close member of our family earlier this year and Miss Brown really helped B through this and we cant thank her enough for that. B is always very excited to go to school and we love hearing about the new role play Miss Brown has made, the cuddles she gives him and watching him role play the way “Miss Brown” teaches. She is a credit to the school and has honestly exceeded all our expectations. We feel she puts 110 percent into everything she does. As sad as we are about Bobby coming to the end of his time with Miss Brown we look forward to his next adventure at Pashley. Thank you for all the time you all put in to ensure there learning Day is fun.”

“My daughter loved learning at Pashley and her enthusiasm is sure to continue. Thanks to everyone who contributed to her time in Pashley.”

“The progress which my son made this year is absolutely outstanding, we are very proud of him. We would like to thank all the teaching staff for the effort they have put into making reception a fabulous experience for him.”

” My son is very happy at school, he loves everything about it. He had a fantastic year, we can not thank his teacher enough for encouraging him and making him want to to go to school. Pashley is an amazing school and we are astonished by the passion and dedication you all show.”


Workshops for Parents 

“Gave me more confidence to go forward and support my son’s education.”

“All three meetings were excellent – really informative, relaxed and helpful.”

“Engaging and involving parents, rather than just being a formal talk! “

“All informative. Very interesting to see how things have changed.”

“Was nice to have had the reassurance in first sessions that children were ok. Nice for us to feel supported in supporting them to learn. Great timing – thank you.”

“Visual aids on the table to follow. Not overloading of information, short to the point segments.”

“All three sessions were really useful, informative, practical.”

“Phonics introduction was very helpful / interesting, having never used in before. Particularly alphabet!”

“Overall I feel the workshops worked well. Having the most important subjects broken down and explained was really good.”

“I thought the phonics session was very useful as it’s so different to how we were taught. Good to know the new methods / techniques.”

“Made to feel welcome and very positive feel to learning.”

“Good tips in all areas for what we can do at home to to help support what doing at school.”

“Very helpful to find out the youtube websites that offered the learning routines for phonics. My child loved going through actions with us.”