News Update:

Early Years


Hedgehogs is being taught by Miss Fossella and supported by Mrs Woodgate.

Miss Fossella works in Early Years and has a real passion for line dancing. In fact she is an award winning line dancer and during lockdown she taught us all how to line dance like a pro! She also has two very friendly cats at home (Pashley don’t just love dogs!) who enjoy

having cuddles with her. And thank goodness Miss Fossella is so active because her absolute favourite thing in the world is chocolate!

Class fact:

“My Hedgehogs are all a really positive bunch and have started school with brilliant attitudes! They also have the loudest giggles”



Rabbits are being taught by Mr Davies and Ms Jackson this year.

Mr Davies is an active teacher who loves all sports (he was in the Pashley netball team), but especially loves playing rugby. Most weekends he is looking forward to playing a match with his team, Brighton Rugby Club.

He also enjoys being by the sea and has a real love of windsurfing and sailing. He is a qualified instructor for a range of water sports and looks forward to getting down to our beautiful beach.

If you watched our Facebook live videos you won’t be surprised to hear that Mr Davies loves cooking. We all enjoyed his pizza demonstration and I’m sure he has inspired some chefs this year.

Class Fact

“My Rabbits love being outside – especially when we get to look after the Pashley pets. They are also amazing artists and everyday they amaze us with what they can create.”



Squirrels class are taught by Mrs Butler and supported by Mrs Huggan this year.

Mrs Butler in the EYFS lead and has worked in Early Years for a number of years. She loves walks in the woods with her spaniel called Pepper. She enjoys cooking for friends and family and made lots of yummy treats during lockdown with her family. These are often enjoyed at Pashley too! When she gets a spare 5 minutes she loves to sit somewhere cosy and read a book.

Class Fact:

“My Squirrels love books and enjoy story telling with the small world and creating story maps! We also like to be active, singing and dancing as we learn.”