Parents’ Voice:

Pashley Farm

Our Pashley Farm is a fun, exciting place for children and it also has real education value. The farm is often used to enhance and enrich a variety of traditional academic lessons including Maths, English and Science. Observing and caring for animals instills a sense of responsibility, compassion, empathy and respect for all living things. Pets can bring increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others – both animals and humans. A child’s physical and cognitive, social and emotional development can all be encouraged by interaction with animals.
On our farm we have 8 hens who reside in the Cluckingham Palace. Their names are Spotty, Buttercup, Queenie, Jubilee, Charlie, Camilla, Lillibet, Ziggy, Star, Storm, Phoenix and Jet.
The children especially enjoy feeding them corn, collecting the eggs and letting them out for their daily exercise in the Enchanted Garden.
Snuggled in Carrot Cottage we have 2 rabbits named Harry and Ron and 7 guinea pigs called Autumn, Peanut, Frankie, Blackberry, Potato, Chip and Clover.