Parents’ Voice:

Year 2


Owls class is taught by Ms Cox and supported by Mrs Woodgate.

Ms Cox teaches in Year 2 but is also Mum to three gorgeous children and a naughty house rabbit called Alfie. Her children love football and so does Ms Cox – so much that she even plays in a local woman’s football team. She is also a talented musician and plays the flute and piccolo.

Class fact:

We have a class puppet called Spog who likes to move things around in our room and make a mess-he’s quite cheeky!


Mrs Burton is teaching Robins class and is supported by Mrs Hall this year.

Mrs Burton teaches Year 2 and loves living in Eastbourne. However, you may be surprised to learn that she was actually born in Australia. Like many Pashley staff she has a beautiful dog called Willow and she enjoys walking in the woods behind Pashley with her and often bumps into a friendly Pashley face. She loves to read and will often be found browsing the Pashley staff library for a good read.

Class fact:
“Robins are the most amazing scientists who love going in the woodlands to identify our woodland trees from their leaves!”


The wonderful Woodpecker class is taught by Miss. Mallard and supported by the fabulous Mrs. Ashdown! Miss. Mallard enjoys staying active by going to the gym or on long walks with her friends and family. She loves sharing this enjoyment with the Woodpecker class, who look forward to their weekly P.E. lessons! She also LOVES the colour pink, which makes her classroom easy to spot.
Class Fact:
“Woodpeckers love sharing stories together, especially those by Roald Dahl. This shines through in their English lessons, where they can be seen working hard to use their fantastic imaginations to inspire their writing!”