News Update:

Year 2


Owls class is taught by Miss Brown and supported by Mrs Hall. The class overlooks the woodlands and the back entrance opens to our amazing Pashley Farm.

Miss Brown teaches in Year 1 and she loves singing, dancing and acting and even performs in a show every year.

Christmas is her favourite time of year and she really does wish it could be Christmas everyday! Look out for her range of Christmas outfits that come out in December!

She loves Disney and enjoys snuggling up in her cosy pjs to watch a good Disney film!

Class fact:

My class love reading and their favourite time of day is story time.


Mrs Burton is teaching Robins class and is supported by Mrs Ashdown this year.

Mrs Burton teaches Year 2 and loves living in Eastbourne. However, you may be surprised to learn that she was actually born in Australia. Like many Pashley staff she has a beautiful dog called Willow and she enjoys walking in the woods behind Pashley with her and often bumps into a friendly Pashley face. She loves to read and will often be found browsing the Pashley staff library for a good read.

Class fact:
“Robins are the most amazing scientists who love going in the woodlands to identify our woodland trees from their leaves!”


Miss Dyer teachs Woodpeckers class and are supported by Mrs Favell.

Miss Dyer teaches in Year 2 and is the KS1 lead at Pashley.

She has a lovely allotment that keeps her busy and the Pashley animals are lucky to get lots of her delicious produce. She also has one of our famous distancing dogs, Ronnie, who is a firm favourite at Pashley and she loves taking him out for long walks. He’s a cheeky character who loves to say hello to everyone he meets. Miss Dyer has also travelled abroad to teach in Uganda and sponsors a boy called Moses who she has visited twice. When she gets some spare time she likes to write to him and tell him all about her life at Pashley.

Class Fact-

“The Woodpeckers LOVE Phonic Fridays and always shout hooray when we practise reading words aloud with our magic reading hands.”