Parents’ Voice:


March 26, 2021 - 12:29 pm

EYFS have had a great underwater week learning all about the animals that live under the sea.  In Maths we shared the story ‘The Great Pet Sale’ and the children had to use money to buy the pets they wanted.  If they wanted more than one pet they had to add their coins and see if they had enough! In English we have been exploring similes linked to the wonderful book ‘Billy’s Bucket’ and the children have been using wonderful language to describe the images. The creative task this week was to design a pirate ship and use it to create a junk model of their very own ship. Lots of problem solving with what to use and how to attach it. We have even had time to start planting our seeds and the updated garden centre on the terrace has been extra popular. Don’t forget Monday is Pirate Dress Up Day in EYFS.