Parents’ Voice:

VIP guests

October 1, 2023 - 12:49 pm
On Thursday, Year 1 had a special assembly with three VIP guests!
Year 1 have been investigating the history of Pashley Down Infant School as part of their project, studying photos and clippings to discover how Pashley has changed since it was built in 1960. For the assembly, they invited eyewitnesses to the history of the school – former headteachers Mrs Cruse and Mrs Clark, as well as our very own Mr Geal who attended as a little boy in the ’60s. The children put the questions they had come up with in class to the eyewitnesses.
Highlights of things learned include:
In Mr Geal’s time, the children would receive a Smartie in a cup on their birthday.
Mrs Clark was the person responsible for giving the classes their animal names. Before that, the classes were just class 1, class 2… etc.
Children used to love being a “blackboard monitor” which meant they got to clean the boards at the end of the day!
And much more!
(PS – Huge thanks to the Old Town community for providing so many amazing photos!)