Parents’ Voice:


Here at Pashley Down we believe that all children have the right to their own beliefs and should respect the beliefs of others. This is at the heart of our teaching of Religious Education (RE). We follow the new ESCC scheme ‘Faith and Belief in the 21st Century.’

In Reception the children look at their families and community, explore different cultures and celebrate a variety of festivals as they start to understand about the world around them. In KS1 the children continue learning about themselves, their community as well as the wider world and also learn more about the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith in greater detail. 

We aim to take a ‘hands- on’ active learning approach to explore the different faiths and to create engaging learning. There are a variety of different trips organised across the year groups to attend our local churches as well as visits from religious leaders into school. We encourage the children to ask questions as well as make links between the different faiths, cultures and their own life experiences.

The children love to explore RE and are often fascinated about the lives of other faiths. We feel our RE scheme builds on our Pashley Values as it allows the children to start to have respect and understanding for themselves as well as others. These are the important building blocks which we help to build to create caring, conscientious adults of the future.