Parents’ Voice:


Here at Pashley Down we believe that all children have the right to their own beliefs and should respect the beliefs of others. This is at the heart of our teaching of Religious Education (RE). We follow the syllabus set out by our local authority (East Sussex) and study two main religions within Key stage one, Christianity and Judaism. These two religions are the required focus by East Sussex, however we do explore other religious celebrations and events that occur and are relevant to our school community as and when they arise.

We aim to take a ‘hands- on’, cross curricular approach to exploring RE in an engaging and exciting way. Children learn about significant religious features, artefacts and buildings through engaging lessons such as Design and technology and have the opportunity to explore and build these.

There are a variety of different trips organised across the year groups to attend our local church and synagogue. RE is also taught through philosophical enquiries where children have the opportunity to listen to one another, articulate their own thoughts and reflect on these.

Assembly times are also used to explore lots of different religions as well as visits from religious leaders and opportunities for classes to share their learning with the rest of the school.