Parents’ Voice:


Music at Pashley gives children the opportunity to listen to, explore and perform a range of different music styles. In music activities children are encouraged to develop their listening skills and discriminate between varying sounds and musical elements, eg. Pitch, rhythm and tempo. These activities are designed to help children critique music (we allow children to discuss whether they like or don’t like music as long they can explain why) and develop an appreciation for a wide range of music. Music is used to enhance the whole curriculum as part of our project-based learning.

Music at Pashley gives children the opportunity to express themselves and be creative. In music lessons children will:

  • Listen to and respond to a range of musical styles. (These styles will reflect the diversity of society and the multicultural world.)
  • Play musical games
  • Sing
  • Play the instruments (tuned and untuned.)
  • Improvise
  • Compose
  • Share/perform

In Early Years children will build their repertoire of songs (including songs from around the world) and then move on to developing their own music using their voices and instruments.

In Year 1 children will listen to music carefully, sing given songs, thinking about the about geographical origin of the music. They will also sing as part of an ensemble and learn how to play instruments to known music and then begin composing their own, with support. They will be introduced to use some musical terms.

In Year 2 children consolidate and develop skills from Year One and they extend their knowledge and experience of musical concepts, e.g. pulse, rhythm and pitch. They we work together as a band (playing tuned and un-tuned instruments) and sing as an ensemble. They will also develop creativity through improvising and composing within a song.

Through their time at Pashley will ensure that children are given performance opportunities to apply all the skills they have learnt, within the classroom, within the school and even outside the school to invited guests and with other schools.