Parents’ Voice:



Science is one of the  core subjects of the National Curriculum and the children are involved in scientific exploration and discovery from the beginning of their Reception year. We teach some science discretely but also thread it into our REAL projects.

In Reception, the children are encouraged to ask questions about why things happen and how they work. They learn to use all their senses to investigate and identify features of living things, objects and events observed.

In Year One they go on to make simple records of their observations and explain their recorded work, and in Year Two have a go at setting up an experiment and begin to make predictions about outcomes. Some pupils become expert investigators, and their curiosity, imagination and powers of deduction can be impressive.

Throughout the year we use our grounds as a hands on resource for science.  Our wonderful woodland is used all year for spotting the changes with each season.  The Pashley Pond comes into life in Spring and the children enjoy looking for new pondlife.  With the coming of Summer we celebrate the growth of our allotment and the flowers and insects that surround us.

Year One enjoy learning about plants, animals and everyday materials.  They look at the weather and explore seasonal changes.

Year Two learn about living things and their habitats.  They explore what plants and animals, including humans, need to grow and stay healthy.  They also investigate the use of everyday materials.

The children love doing science and helps to develop inquisitiveness in children as a year 1 child said “ Science is learning about all the stuff you don’t already know”