Parents’ Voice:

Life Skills and Values

At Pashley, we want children to feel positive about themselves and to begin to make healthy choices. We aim to help children interact positively with those around them, understanding similarities with others alongside the differences that make them unique.

We strongly believe in helping children cultivate a sense of society, tolerance and collaboration that will tackle prejudice and foster a longstanding commitment of equality.

We strive to make our Life skills and values sessions realistic and relevant for the situations, experiences or feelings our children may be having as well as accessible regardless of academic ability, lived experiences, faith or values.

Life Skills and Values is taught alongside our school values which are: Kindness, Positivity, Honesty, Resilience, Respect, Independence. 

These values are what we pride ourselves on as a school and helps support our children to become better citizens in the Pashley community and also in the wider world. These values are refereed to throughout the school and the academic year but with a specific focus on one value per term.

These values have been made child-friendly through the introduction of animal characters that bring each value to life: the Kindness Koala, the Positivity Panda, the Honest Otter, the Respectful Rhino, the Independence Iguana and the Resilience Racoon. The children love these characters and enjoy being able to take them to their classroom and home to celebrate their achievements.

Alongside out LSV lessons we have regularly Circle times within our classes to focus on a Pashley Value that our children are struggling with or a relevant issue that is current. For example, Anti-bullying.